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Gigs Calendar Plugin API

I’ve been adding a few initial plugin hooks to let third party plugins modify the functionality of my Gigs Calendar plugin without having to modify the source code directly.  They are listed below followed by the version of the plugin that they first appear in.  These work through the WordPress plugin API functions.  If you don’t know how the WordPress plugin API works, I suggest you read up on the codex.


gigCal_credits_extra (0.4) – Insert extra content to the bottom of the credits page.
gigCal_gigs_formExtraJS (0.4.1) – Insert JS code to be evaluated after any gig form has been created.  Your code will run in the scope of a function with a variable “form” passed that contains the form that was just created.  Useful for altering form fields.


gigCal_db_prefix (0.4) – Change the database table prefix of the database tables being used.  This lets two installs of the plugin share data assuming that they’re on the same database.
gigCal_gigs_css_classes (0.4) – Change the CSS classes assigned to the HTML elements for gigs.
gigCal_gigs_extraFields (0.4) – Add extra input fields that are stored using the WordPress post’s custom fields.
gigCal_pages (0.4) – Modify, remove or add pages within the Gigs Calendar plugin.

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